TOPAZE series

Rugged 3u VPX computer

“Application ready” 3U VPX computers for radar, sonar, SIGINT, EW

These multi-slots conduction cooled computers in SFF chassis address different types of Open VPX architectures to meet the needs of Radar, Sonar, EW, SIGINT, ELINT and SDR applications.

Main features

  • Up to 4x Xeon-D processor boards
  • 1x GPU board based on P5000 NVIDIA
  • 1x carrier board supporting XMC/PMC modules for I/O expansion and FPGA sensor processing
  • 1x 10GB switch board
  • 1x AC/DC or DC/DC VITA 62 power supply
  • 1x removable 2.5’’ SSD (available only on TOPAZE D)
  • Front panel with customisable military connectors depending on the system configuration
  • LSP Linux 64-bit distributions (SDK, others…). VxWorks and Windows: on demand
  • MIL-STD-810 and RTCA-DO160 compliant
  • Customisation service according to customer specifications

Need a configuration?

+33 (0)4 76 92 20 01


Sensors based processing for radar, sonar, EW, C4ISR

Introduced on the market in 2020, µTOPAZE is the first of the family offering a compact 3U VPX solution, with Xeon or Core i7 processors, 3 slots and many options such as GPGPU, XMC extensions, ...
It is dedicated to high-speed signal and data processing applications.


The “application ready” 3U VPX MIL-STD-810, ISR qualified computer, for radar, sonar, SIGINT, EW

"In the box", TOPAZE D will offer a 7-slot 3U VPX solution, multi-processor boards, multi GPU & FPGA boards, dedicated to high-speed signal processing applications.
Its I/O flexibility will allow it to satisfy a large number of high-performance configurations.


1/2 ATR version

1/2 ATR version, also under study (coming soon).

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