Embedded electronics expert


  • Innovate, create, develop and sell embedded computers and industrial systems.
  • Provide relevant solutions to major engineering and R&D contractors.
  • Meet our customers and partners’ requirements.
  • Continuously improve the quality and performance of our products and services.


  • To be the European leader in COTS and Modified COTS computers and in embedded high-added value industrial systems.
  • Providing reliable and durable solutions within optimised delivery times.

In more than 40 years, ECRIN Systems has built its development around three activities to become one of the major embedded electronics players in the French and European market:

  • Engineering and Computer-on-Demand ODM services
  • Design and production of ECRIN “ready to application” products
  • COTS modules distribution (V.A.R.) with associated systems integration

This triple competence makes ECRIN Systems a unique partner in the Embedded market, with high innovation potential and strong expertise.

Recognised by major contractors, manufacturers and industrials, ECRIN Systems pays particular attention to designing and providing innovative and robust systems that meet the most demanding requirements.


ECRIN Systems is part of CONVERGENCE Group.

Combining ECRIN Systems and IP Systèmes (sister company) respective expertises and skill territories, the Group is a real trusted partner, able to satisfy specifications of the most demanding customers.



Placing customer at the centre of our concerns, we are totally committed in the success of your projects.

Proximity “made by ECRIN Systems” means:

  • A careful attention to your needs.
  • A human-sized and reactive team (SME with less than 50 employees).
  • A strong industrial culture.
  • Our customer satisfaction is our top priority.

… to effectively serve you: understanding your needs, real strength in high technology consulting and system architecture, a team fully dedicated to your project, a worldwide network of partners, export support (cooperation agreements, OFFSET set-up for prime contractors...), ...


With a team of engineers and technicians, innovation is one of our key drivers, we devote 5% of our turnover to it.

Innovation “made by ECRIN Systems” means:

  • A R&D unit, veritable skills pool that feeds the activities of our design department.
  • Strong skills in R&D to turn innovation into industrial projects.
  • A “made in ECRIN” products range to reduce your time to market and your RC/NRC costs

...to imagine tomorrow’s products: the “right” technical solution with a controlled cost, suitable products to current challenges, innovation as a stamp of our DNA


Putting quality at the heart of our value system, we excel in offering you the best.

Excellence “made by ECRIN Systems” means:

  • A management system based on quality processes, ECRIN Systems is ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • The reliability of our products and services
  • Environmental qualification and standards compliance: MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, DO-160, GAM EG 13, BV marine, CE, FCC, UL, ...
  • Technical support and maintenance of your systems

...to exceed your requirements: ensuring optimum continuity of operation, guarantee of a high return on investment (ROI)


Faithful in business, we seal trust agreements with our customers and partners.

  • Commitment “made by ECRIN Systems” means:
    Responsibility, fairness and transparency towards our customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Meeting deadlines and prices.
  • Team spirit and good corporate communication.
  • Environment friendly (REACH, RoHS, WEEE directives, Green Passport, asbestos, radioactive components ...).

... to strengthen our relationship and establish a quality relationship and a true climate of trust.

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