Industrial equipment & other activity fields


Many activity fields of the French industry have been able to adapt to new technologies and care about environment and security to meet customers’ needs. As for example: renewable energy, environment, food and beverage, agriculture, special machines, medical devices, recreation and entertainment systems…

Thanks to its strong expertise, ECRIN Systems is able to design, industrialise, produce and look for innovative solutions to improve the cost of ownership of products for industrial equipment.

ECRIN Systems supports you all along the lifetime of your product, from its definition taking into account innovative and durable technologies, to its maturity stage assisting you to react to technological and functional evolutions in order to bring a second “breath” to your product.
ECRIN Systems always offers original solutions combining design, mechanics, electronics and industrial computing.

Thanks to its distribution business in the Embedded market, its systems architects bring the necessary “amount” of COTS products to an optimised architecture in terms of cost and durability.
ECRIN Systems assists you on all or part of the project in compliance with its Quality Management Plan.

ECRIN Systems is a trusted partner in project management assistance related to products development and production for its industrial customers.


Diabetes analyser

Diabetes analyser

Address the end of life of a very old COTS board integrated in a medical device by changing as few things as possible and especially not the mold, therefore the external connections.

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