Developing technologies for tomorrow products

The ECRIN Systems’ R&D unit focuses on finding solutions to key technical challenges and on driving the necessary upstream studies to secure new market positions.

It imagines and develops the ECRIN Systems’ “ready to application” products such as ONYX, TOPAZE, CRYSTAL, OPALE V2 series or myOPALE, to provide rapid solutions to its customers’ technical specifications and requests.

Offering high-end technical added value, the R&D unit contributes to improving the competitiveness of the company by helping it to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Thus, ECRIN Systems is able to focus on "niche" market segments in order to imagine the products for tomorrow.


Developing a fanless system requires an extensive knowledge of the different ways to dissipate heat accumulated in the computer. For example:

  • Convection: heat is evacuated by the air
  • Conduction: heat is evacuated through a mechanical element.

In the event of a temperature difference, the system will seek to restore balance by transferring calories from the hot area to the cold one. This is the principle of the cold plate.

The technologies used to dissipate heat are different depending on whether you choose convection or conduction.

The market most often offers several types of racks according to the desired cooling. ONYX patented system offers both cooling types in one sole rack.


Electronic chassis using powerful CPUs often heat up and so require a cooling system using forced airflow.
Fan noise is not a problem in computer rooms, but noise level quickly becomes disturbing in a more quiet environment such as a submarine.
This is particularly true for 1U chassis, where a very high density of materials is integrated in a limited space and where the air flow must be very strongly pushed outwards in order to cool the embedded electronics properly.

ECRIN Systems works on noise reduction in its racks in partnership with research laboratories.

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