Our preferred partners

Innovation, expertise and reliability

ECRIN Systems is very demanding concerning the choice of the suppliers on which it relies to built most of its solutions: complementarity of the products and services range, quality, customer support, price / performance ratio, obsolescence management, ethics…

Our internationally renowned suppliers are famous for their high innovation capability to anticipate our customers’ needs and meet new technological challenges.

Modular industrial I/O, PMC/XMC, AcroPack, VPX, PCIe, cPCI architectures, carrier boards, FPGA COTS solutions based on XMC/PMC form-factor, …
- Industrial PC
- Industrial motherboards & CPU
- GPU, Edge computing, AI
- Network Appliance & Edge
- Displays, Panels PC, Smart
panels, HMI, tablets with
medical certification
- Rugged computers &
embedded servers
- VPX, CompactPCI, PCIe, XMC,
GPGPU boards, ...
- Computer-On-Modules
- Storage server
- GPU Server
- Rack JBOD with SAS expander
- PCI Express Expansion rack
- SAS and NVMe solutions
High-speed, low-latency PCIe solutions, switches, PCIe Over Cable kits, …
- Embedded COTS Hardware: VPX
(3U/6U), XMC, PCI Express
- Video Capture, GPGPU, AI
processing, and Encoding
- H.264/H.265 Video/Audio
Encoding & Streaming Solution
FLASH storage solutions for military and industry, -40°C/+85°C range SSD, fast and secure erasing in option, …
Ethernet switches, routers & Edge Computing equipment, TSN, ...
Embedded I/O: XMC/PMC, PCIe, Compact PCI, VPX/VME, FMC and AMC, carrier boards, …
High end PICMG 1.3 industrial PC, HDEC solutions for telecoms, imaging, defence and research, …
µTCA, ATCA, VPX, CPU, blades, switchs, AMC, FMC, FPGA, …
Industrial and rugged tablets


With the will to strengthen its commercial development and accepted as a leading partner on the Embedded market, ECRIN Systems has joined several influence groups and associations.


GICAT (French Land Defence Manufacturers Association) was created in 1979 by ground armament manufacturers. Its two main aims are to defend the profession’s interests and to represent the ground and air-ground sector towards public authorities and on the export market.
Created in 1982, VITA (VMEbus International Trade Association) is dedicated to the promotion of VME and VPX buses technology, as well as XMC, PMC and FMC mezzanines technology to users and providing, all over the world, updated information. It extends its scope to the “Open Technology” concept and offers the opportunity to its members to develop and promote open technology standards.
Created in 1994, PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group) gathers over 225 companies that develop and share open specifications for telecoms and military and industrial computers. Today, these specifications include MicroTCA®, AdvancedTCA®, AdvancedMC™, CompactPCI®, COM Express® and PICMG 1.3 standards.
Created in 1989, the Richelieu Committee is a non-profit professional association that gathers 320 French innovating SMEs (and over 4 000 associated SMEs) with the aim to play a part in economic discussions at the governmental level or in relationships with major groups.

Our distributors worldwide

A worldwide network

For its own products and services (ONYX, TOPAZE, OPALE V2, CRYSTAL series, myOPALE O.D.M services …), ECRIN Systems has a solid network of integrator and / or distributor partners to provide support and local services to major local and governmental companies.