ECRIN Systems becomes ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES partner


ECRIN Systems signed a partnership with ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES at the beginning of February for its range of industrial and ultra-rugged tablets.
We can now offer you 8"/10"/12" solutions, with IP54/IP65 protection, -20°C/+60°C operating temperature, high-performance CPUs such as Core i5/i7, O.S Windows 10 or Android, with a wide choice of accessories, ...

ZEBRA that's 50 years of innovation, nearly 5 000 patents, 10% of the turnover devoted to R&D, 8 200 employees in more than 50 countries, sales of 4.5 billion USD.
ZEBRA acquired Xplore Technologies in August 2018 to offer a complete suite of rugged tablets that deliver performance edge to those on the front line of business.
Built for mobile workers, operating in harsh weather conditions, inside and outside, from vehicles and with constant contact to base, Zebra rugged tablets are the smart, dependable choice.

This product line will of course benefit from all additional services, support, … that ECRIN Systems provides to you all year long.
Customizations will also be possible.
Contact right now your ECRIN Systems sales engineer or to start sharing.



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