We've decided to invest in this area: offering a power supply with hold-up board on our embedded industrial computers.

This protects the used embedded equipment from power cuts, blocks high sudden spikes, or compensates for voltage dips, while maintaining its power supply level compliant with equipment power consumption.

When it complies with section 16 of DO-160, Category A, Conf DO160 standard, hold-up board provides protection against 200 ms of electrical disturbances.

It takes the form of a very discreet 11.4 mm high additional stage to embedded systems like the nanoOnyx, ref: ONYX series

nanoOnyx is quad core Intel atom E3950 or Intel Core ™ i7-8665UE design, supporting embedded Linux or Windows use. Equiped with stainless steel 38999 connectors, for usb, GB Eth, serial links and others IOs, it is DO-160, MIL-STD-810 & MIL-STD-461 qualified for Vetronics, Aeronautics, Defense & Security, UAV.

Battery backup

It's a great security for an on-board ECU to have its functional continuity maintained, because the electrical circuit and the output voltage of any aircraft/UAV that powers it, can be disturbed by external elements, be unreliable or of poor quality, and cause the ECU to miss compulsory acquisitions, processing and code, or information broadcasts.

This is a key requirement of our industrial Aerospace customers.

In embedded context, civil or military one, mission flights can be very costly. Each equipment and designed for as touch panel, display, server, computer, switch, storage medium, sensor etc are not supposed to ever break, need to be highly secured and sometimes redundant, and must be powerful at any time in supporting voltage dips of power supply of the vehicle.

How does it work?

Capacitive capacitors store energy in the form of electrical charges.

A capacitive capacitor, whatever its form (ceramic, polyprophene), when connected to a source of direct current, accumulates an electrical charge and retains it after being disconnected from the source. No action possible of parasitic capacitances.

This has little to do with capacitive touch panel pcs and the other technology of multi touch screen: the resistive touch ones.


Capacitive displays are equipped by a conductive grid electrically charged. When touched by our finger, as human body is conductive too, we modify the electric field of the grid at this point, and display calculates the contact & impact point position and execute corresponding action.

For more and more professional uses, we find this technology on lcd Panel Pcs, ruggedized tft lcd screens or tablets. We can talk as well of ‘projected capacitive’ technology. On the contrary, resistive touch display simply operate thanks to the pressure applied on touchscreen.

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