ECRIN Systems, member of the GICAT Data Intelligence cluster


Since 2016, a working group, under the leadership of GICAT, has been set up to bring together French industrial players involved in intelligence solutions by involving the world of research. The latter was quickly formalized by the creation of a "Data Intelligence Cluster" which today brings together 25 French companies - Large groups, SMEs / ETI, Start-Up - with innovative technologies and solutions to meet the challenges of intelligence and massive data processing.

In an instable World where geopolitical balances of power are changing, Intelligence, whether of military, territorial, or financial interest, are more than ever at the heart of the strategic reorientation of Governments,whose budgets are growing sharply. Moreover, new technologies related to Big Data, Intelligent Sensors, High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Social Networks are opening up new possibilities for Intelligence Agencies, especially in weak signals detection, bearing in mind that the volume of data produced by 2025 will be multiplied by five.
As a result, there has been in recent years a plethora of commercial solutions that have made it hard to find the most suitable for the intelligence agencies needs, in terms of intrinsic capabilities or underlying sovereignty problems.
The GICAT Data Intelligence Cluster initiative is a one-stop shop giving access to an independent portfolio of products and services provided by innovative French companies highly specialized in Intelligence and Big Data. Whether it is about consulting, system design, implementation, support, maintenance, or even integration of an existing legacy, the aim is to fit the customer needs with a tailored end-to-end offer.

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