µONYX passed Gunfire Shock tests


To satisfy the requirements on Gunfire Shock more and more present in matrix compliance that ECRIN Systems receives to provide rugged computers for combat and reconnaissance armoured vehicle, we have decided to submit our new µONYX rugged computer to such extreme conditions.

For that, we established a list of tests following EN 60068-2-27: 2009 book from IEC international standard, to be passed with associated 40mm cannon typical conditions:

  • For Gunfire Shock low frequency (0-500 Hz), the tests were made at 250,8 m/s² i.e. 26g during 3.6ms in the three X, Y, Z axes. µONYX was stressed during 163 repeated shocks per axe;
  • For Gunfire Shock medium frequency (500-2000 Hz) tests were made at 1488,2 m/s² i.e. 152g during 0.54ms in the three X, Y, Z axes. µONYX was stressed during 107 repeated shocks per axe.

µONYX staid at nominal performances during these 810 shocks and passed qualification tests.
From now, ECRIN Systems will be able to justify by test or by analysis its compliance to many Gunfire Shock Requirements

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